Uncommonly Candid: With Home Spice Founder Jaimee Croot

For Episode Five of Uncommonly Candid, we got to sit down with the lovely Jaimee Croot, founder of Home Spice.  Home Spice is a healthy, nutritious and utterly delicious meal subscription service. Jaimee launched the business following NZ's last lock-down when she noticed that people had lost that time they gained, of which many spent in the kitchen, during the Covid pandemic. 

Jaimee shares her journey so far, challenges she’s faced as a new entrepreneur and what she'd be if she were a cocktail (hint... it's a little dirty!)

This is juicy stuff. Almost as juicy as our grapes. So, grab a can of the good stuff, settle in, and prepare for the can to be let out of the picnic bag…

What made you want to create a meal subscription service like Home Spice?

During the last lockdown in Tamaki Makaurau, amidst the routine of working from home and binge-watching Love Island UK, I realized we had newfound time to cook nourishing meals every night. This became a cherished social activity, even if it was over a camera. However, with the return to normalcy, I understood that busy lives often prioritize convenience over meal planning. This led me to create Home Spice, a subscription food service offering time-intensive, delicious meals that fit into your weeknight schedule.

What's the biggest challenge you’ve come across on your journey?

The biggest challenge has been navigating the complexities of marketing and reaching the right audience within a city so consumed by food (pun intended). It's a constantly evolving landscape, with new restaurant openings and food options arriving every day, so staying ahead of the curve and standing out can be demanding! 

What's been the most rewarding moment (a highlight or a big a-ha moment) along the way?

We provide one-time orders, allowing Aucklanders to sample Home Spice before committing to a subscription. Our outstanding conversion rate and consistent positive customer feedback are gratifying highlights for me every time

What’s next for Home Spice?

Our main focus now is solidifying our core service in Auckland. We deliver to most suburbs and aim to expand citywide, possibly to other NZ cities later. Additionally, I'm thrilled to welcome a talented Head Chef (announcement pending).

What’s one thing you can’t live without? 

Beach walks with my dog, Miso

If you were a cocktail, what would you be?       

If I were a cocktail, I'd be a Dirty Martini. I enjoy a mix of balance & stability, with a touch of unconventional excitement & adventure.

Favourite Moment to enjoy a vino?

My favorite moment to enjoy a vino is during a relaxed evening with close friends, gathered around good conversation and laughter.



We hope you’ve enjoyed Episode Five of our Uncommonly Candid mini-series. Keep following along as we have some great episodes to come as sit down with more of our favourite entrepreneurs, experts and cultural creators to find out what really makes them fizz. All over a can of The Uncommon of course!