Uncommonly Candid: With Nosy Parker Founder Libby-Jean Challis

For Episode Three of Uncommonly Candid, we got to sit down with the gorgeous Libby-Jean, founder of Nosy Parker. Libby-Jean noticed a gap in the wedding & event market for a ‘fly on the wall’ content creation service, offering raw, unedited, and instant behind the scenes content from special occasions.

In just four months since launching, Nosy Parker has already been nominated for a Together Journal ‘vendor of the year’ award, and she has big plans to take Nosy Parker to special occasions, country wide.

 Libby-Jean shares her journey so far, challenges she’s faced as a new entrepreneur and her favourite moment to enjoy a wine (The Uncommon, of course!).

This is juicy stuff. Almost as juicy as our grapes. So, grab a can of the good stuff, settle in, and prepare for the can to be let out of the picnic bag…


It’s so exciting to see your new business and brand come to life, how did you come up with the concept?

Thank you so much! It is very exciting times for Nosy Parker, and I am having so much fun with it all. I saw there was a gap in the wedding and event market for a service like so and decided to bring my vision and passions to life through Nosy Parker. After spending the start of this year re-evaluating my passions, my interests and what gets me inspired - I realised it is people. I love people, I love love, I love celebrating and I love capturing beautiful moments of others. And this is when Nosy Parker was born.  

A service that allows people to preserve their cherished moments and relive and share their special occasion straight away. Knowing the joy it would bring to people, I was motivated to turn this idea into a reality. The concept of Nosy Parker was born out of my own desire to capture those precious moments in a way that would allow the joy, love and excitement of any given special occasion as if it were happening all over again.

Having been a bride myself back in 2021, I really wished there was a service like Nosy Parker - so many special, intimate, behind the scenes moments were missed as we were all far too preoccupied enjoying the moment. The morning after our wedding I woke up and was itching to relive our special day yet I had no photos of videos to do so. Looking back, I have realised that many couples must have shared my sentiment and wished for a similar service. That’s when I knew I had stumbled upon a concept that could genuinely enhance the wedding and special occasion experience for so many people. Nosy Parker is a way to preserve and celebrate love, connection, and the most meaningful moments in life. 

What has been the biggest challenge that you’ve come across to date with starting your own business?

The journey has been both rewarding and challenging. One of the challenges I encountered early on was during the initial months when I was simultaneously working at a PR agency, laying the foundation for Nosy Parker, all while taking care of my two young boys. It truly was a balancing act filled with late nights and lots of coffee. In saying this, I'm so excited that as of last month, I have taken the leap to go full-time with Nosy Parker allowing me to pour my heart and soul into this venture. I consider myself blessed to have this opportunity to shape and nurture something that I'm so passionate about. 

Also, navigating the path of growing Nosy Parker on my own can often feel isolating. The absence of colleagues or collaborators to exchange ideas with and seek feedback from can create a sense of loneliness. However, turning to my supportive circle of friends and family and their encouragement and willingness to lend an ear has been amazing. They offer a fresh perspective, a sounding board for my thoughts, and are a source of constructive feedback. Their involvement has not only enriched the development process but is also a reminder that the strength of a solid network can provide the all the inspiration needed. 

And what’s the most rewarding thing?

Embarking on the journey of creating Nosy Parker has brought me so much joy and fulfilment. I genuinely love every aspect of my work and there's a certain magic in enabling people to instantly relive the most cherished occasions. Seeing smiles on people's faces as they rediscover those moments is a reward in itself. Whether it's a wedding, a milestone celebration, or any occasion that fills hearts with happiness, I cherish being a part of it all. Each event carries its unique story, and being there to capture it, embrace it, and make it unforgettable, truly makes my heart sing. The beauty of what I do lies in the fact that no day is the same. The variety of events, weddings, and special occasions I have the privilege of being a part of really adds to the experiences of my journey. Every gathering brings its own charm, its own story, and its own magic, which is a constant source of inspiration.

What’s the most important piece of advice for people starting their own business journey?

It would have to be to follow what truly excites you and brings a smile to your face. Find your passions and connect them to what you're doing – that's when the real magic happens. Do not be afraid to take a leap of faith! I know how it feels to have these amazing ideas swirling around, but being a bit unsure about jumping in. I've been there. But once you take that leap, you will be filled with so much excitement and empowerment. Embrace the adventure, because every step you take is a chance to learn and grow. The journey is full of surprises and discoveries, so chase your dreams!

What’s one thing you can’t live without?

While my iPhone is undeniably a work essential, I can't live without my family and friends. I'm fortunate to be surrounded by an incredible community that has been there every step of the way, pushing me to launch Nosy Parker and backing me through it all. Their solid support and motivation have been pivotal, and I’m so thankful. It really does take a village!

Favourite Moment to enjoy a vino?

My absolute favourite moment to enjoy a vino (The Uncommon of course!) is on a Friday night when the house is calm, clean, quiet and the kiddies are fast asleep in bed. My Glasshouse Fragrances candle is burning, and a cheese platter is waiting to be shared with my husband on the couch while we relax, reflect on the week and connect.  


We hope you’ve enjoyed Episode Three of our Uncommonly Candid mini-series. Keep following along as we have some great episodes to come as sit down with more of our favourite artists, business leaders and cultural creators to find out what really makes them fizz. All over a can of The Uncommon of course!