Uncommonly Candid: With The Uncommon co-founders Hannah & Anna

Uncommonly Candid is a mini-series where we sit down with some of our favourite artists, business leaders and cultural creators to find out what really makes them fizz. All over a can of The Uncommon of course.

It’s juicy stuff. Almost as juicy as our grapes. So, prepare for the can to be let out of the picnic bag…

We kick off with our co-founders Hannah and Anna. Firm besties from the age of 9, the mischief-makers-turned-stylish-winemakers share their journey so far, and most importantly, what they'd perform on stage...

Let’s get to know you first. Tell us how you met?

Hannah: Our families were great friends and I remember the excitement of visiting the Moore’s farm in Karaka. It was such an adventure out there. I always thought Anna was just the coolest because she had her very own pony.

Anna: From pre school to high school, we were inseparable (and often up to no good). As soon as I was allowed, I’d head to Hannah’s house in the city on weekends. It became my home away from home.

And now you’ve dived headfirst into business together. What’s been the proudest moment so far?

Anna: It sounds cheesy but it really was the moment I first saw our wine coming down the canning line. Seeing months of hard work burst into life.

Hannah: Launching our pop-up garden bar at Indulge Festival was also pretty special. It really validated our wild idea to hear all the kind things people had to say (people we’d never met).

What’s it like working with your best friend?

Anna: I have to admit, we were worried business might spoil such a special friendship at first. But it’s made us closer than ever. I’ve loved discovering a new side to Hannah, Business Hannah – a tenacious, go- getter and one hell of a saleswoman. I feel incredibly lucky.

Hannah: I think it’s so important to have someone you love and trust on this (sometimes lonely) journey. Someone to celebrate the highs and weather the lows with. Anna is pragmatic and very solution driven, we make a great team.

What did you do before 'The Uncommon'?

Hannah: I worked in communications, predominantly for beverage brands, for 13+ years prior to launching The Uncommon NZ. I lived in London for nine of those years and was lucky enough to work on some incredible drinks brands including Jack Daniel's, Treasury Wines, Aviation American Gin, Heineken, and The Uncommon Wine of England. That's where this relationship, and idea for NZ, all started! 

Anna: My background is in corporate marketing within the banking and payments industry where I still work today.  A completely different world to wine, which makes this new venture so exciting. The fun we can have from a mar-comms perspective is endless! 

Onto the more personal. What’s the most recent photo in your phone?

Hannah: My gorgeous doggy, Waltz. In fact, he’s probably all the photos
in my phone. Waltz is a German Shorthaired Pointer and the cuddliest (read neediest) pooch. 

Anna: A chaotic attempt at family dinner. Featuring my husband and our little boy Louie (aged 3) who told me he didn’t like my cooking and left three minutes later. The can of our rosé on the table was very much needed.

If you had to get on stage, what would your skill be?

Hannah: Singing Celine Dion’s hit “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”. I’d need a couple cans of wine first though.

Anna: This is my worst nightmare! It’d have to be a repeat of our air band rendition of The Darkness' 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love' for the school talent competition. We somehow won despite having not a single instrument or microphone on stage.

Twiggy or Leonard?

Anna: Twiggy. I can’t pass up a cold glass of sparkling rosé.

Hannah: Both! I was firmly Twiggy over summer, but I’m currently Camp Leonard.